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  • Kara David meets Charlie Edrian, two honey harvesters in the forests of Abra

    Charlie and Edrian are two brothers who harvest honey for a living. All their meager and precious earnings go into their savings for a very special day.
  • Meet Robie Panis, a female gaffer in the macho world of sabong!

    Robie Panis is just one of the handful of women in sabong. She is a gaffer or "mananari", whose job is to tie the blade to the rooster's leg in preparation for combat!
  • The taking of De La Salle University during the war of Manila in 1945

    In 1945, Manila bore witness to the carnage and destruction of World War II. Many Filipinos took refuge in De La Salle University, but it wasn't before long when the Japanese breached its walls.
  • Jay Taruc's search for artifacts in Guyangan, Banton Island

    Jay Taruc explored the mountains of Guyangan, Banton Island in search for burial artifacts vital to Philippine history and culture.
  • Kara David's river adventure in Oriental Mindoro

    In the mountains of Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro, residents transport goods by foot. Kara David met a group of Mangyan boys who choose a faster and more dangerous alternative—braving the river rapids!
  • Relive Barangay Ginebra's legendary basketball history

    Howie Severino speaks to old and new Ginebra players to know more about the phenomenon that fills arenas with hundreds of loyal and dedicated fans.
  • Sandra Aguinaldo takes on portalet cleaning!

    Sandra Aguinaldo immersed herself in the dirty, the smelly and the unthinkable to discover the dignity of labor. One of the jobs she took one was portalet cleaning.
  • Jay Taruc's visit to the haunted Villa Epifania

    As part of his "Lockdown" series for I-Witness, Jay Taruc paid a visit to the mysterious Villa Epifania in Pampanga to uncover its secrets.
  • Reliving Jay Taruc's "The Few, The Proud"

    In a special I-Witness episode, Jay Taruc relived his documentary "The Few, The Proud" where he followed the transformation of 300 civilian recruits to elite Marines.
  • Howie Severino meets CNN's 2011 Hero of the Year, Robin Lim in Leyte

    Howie Severino traveled to Leyte to tell the stories of unborn babies amidst the rubble left by Typhoon Yolanda. It was here that he met midwife and CNN's 2011 Hero of the Year, Robin Lim.