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  • UPIS kids ask Kara David: May pamilya na ba kayo? (I-Witness Homecoming)

    In an open forum at her alma mater, Kara David answers a question from cute grade schoolers.
  • Kara David: Ako ang reporter na nanggaling sa baba (I-Witness Homecoming)

    The award-winning documentary filmmaker was once a production assistant (PA). She adds: "Hindi kailangang ikaw palagi ang bida."
  • Jay Taruc: Ang topic ng dokyu, malapit dapat sa puso mo (I-Witness Homecoming)

    Sa isang Q&A sa Centro Escolar University, kinuwento ni Jay ang kanyang proseso bilang dokumentarista.
  • Jay Taruc: Isa ang 'Lapnos' sa pinakamahirap na i-shoot (I-Witness Homecoming)

    Sa isang Q&A sa Centro Escolar University, kinuwento ni Jay ang karanasan niya sa loob ng Mindanao Burn Unit.
  • Illustrator Vic Lipio makes special titles for 'I-Witness'

    For Sandra Aguinaldo's documentary on large families, illustrator Vic Lipio came up with a charming show opening.
  • Malaki, Masaya, Pamilya: The happy chaos of living in a large family

    When one has the means, being part of a large family is an enjoyable, fulfilling experience.
  • Religion or cult? Mariz Umali meets a small church in Quezon City

    "Sa mundong ito, malaya tayong nananampalataya. Ang mahalaga, wala tayong inaapakan. Higit sa lahat, respeto."
  • Inside the Philippine Marine Corps' Basic School

    The Marines invited Jay Taruc and 'I-Witness' to document their grueling training--a first on Philippine TV.
  • Planting for the future: A family's sacrifice for education

    Each seed they plant today is a tree they harvest eight years from now. This is how they ensure their children's education.
  • 'I-Witness' Homecoming: Each host returns to their alma mater

    Sandra Aguinaldo, Jay Taruc, Kara David and Howie Severino share tips and advice with students.