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  • The first ID photos of students from Mt. Pulag Elementary School

    Nestled in the mountains of Benguet is Mt. Pulag Elementary School, where photographs are still a luxury. Howie Severino and Juan Portrait visit the school to give them ID photos for the first time.
  • Kara David's heartstopping skydive from 4,000 feet!

    Kara David tells the story of paratroopers from the Philippine Air Force, or soldiers who bravely jump from planes. Not one to miss out, Kara undergoes intense training to jump from 4,000 feet!
  • The mystery and superstitions behind San Rafael Church

    Many locals believe that the historical church of San Rafael is haunted. Together with a team of experts, Jay Taruc uncovers the mystery and superstition that surrounds the San Rafael Church.
  • Kara David spots illegal whale shark meat in Cebu

    Kara David ventured out in Cebu where the shark meat trade is rampant and the threat of overfishing looms.
  • The story of Mayang, a child working in a charcoal-making complex in Tondo

    Howie Severino tells the story of residents who live and work in a charcoal-making complex in Tondo called "Smokey 2." One of them is nine-year-old Mayang.
  • Meet Lolo Luis and Lolo Daniel, two diggers of the Japanese tunnels in Batanes

    In WWII, the Japanese recruited Ivatan children to dig tunnels in Batanes. Jay Taruc meets Lolo Luis and Lolo Daniel, two surviving diggers who recounted their experience.
  • Kara David meets Charlie Edrian, two honey harvesters in the forests of Abra

    Charlie and Edrian are two brothers who harvest honey for a living. All their meager and precious earnings go into their savings for a very special day.
  • Meet Robie Panis, a female gaffer in the macho world of sabong!

    Robie Panis is just one of the handful of women in sabong. She is a gaffer or "mananari", whose job is to tie the blade to the rooster's leg in preparation for combat!
  • The taking of De La Salle University during the war of Manila in 1945

    In 1945, Manila bore witness to the carnage and destruction of World War II. Many Filipinos took refuge in De La Salle University, but it wasn't before long when the Japanese breached its walls.
  • Jay Taruc's search for artifacts in Guyangan, Banton Island

    Jay Taruc explored the mountains of Guyangan, Banton Island in search for burial artifacts vital to Philippine history and culture.