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  • 'I-Witness' Homecoming: Each host returns to their alma mater

    Sandra Aguinaldo, Jay Taruc, Kara David and Howie Severino share tips and advice with students.
  • PHL Marines: Recruits have their heads shaved--even the women

    Jay Taruc of 'I-Witness' meets aspiring Marines as they prepare for training.
  • The few, the proud: The grueling training to become a PHL Marine

    On the very first day of training, drill sergeants subject the recruits to intense exercises to weed out 'civilian behavior'.
  • Sumaguing: Sagada's beautiful but dangerous cave

    After a tourist goes missing, Sandra Aguinaldo enters the cave and talks to those conducting search and retrieval operations.
  • Jay Taruc enters the world of 'The few, the proud' Philippine Marines

    The two-part 'I-Witness' series airs September 9 and 16, 11:30 PM on GMA 7.
  • Sandra Aguinaldo enters Sagada's Sumaguing cave on 'I-Witness'

    Locals believe it is haunted by the spirits of their ancestors. Catch the full documentary this September 2, 11:30 PM on GMA 7.
  • Ternate, Cavite: In search of the Chabacano language

    Howie Severino seeks out the language that some say is in danger of dying out.
  • Rappers keep the Chabacano language alive in Ternate, Cavite

    None of them are academics, yet the ancient tongue is alive and kicking.
  • To the Banwaon tribe in Agusan del Sur, man can never own a tree

    Kara David ventures into the forest to document the datus' animist rituals and beliefs.
  • A labyrinth of history: Inside the Bonifacio War Tunnel

    Documentarist Sandra Aguinaldo enters the unexplored portions of the historic tunnel beneath Bonifacio Global City.