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  • Relive Barangay Ginebra's legendary basketball history

    Howie Severino speaks to old and new Ginebra players to know more about the phenomenon that fills arenas with hundreds of loyal and dedicated fans.
  • Sandra Aguinaldo takes on portalet cleaning!

    Sandra Aguinaldo immersed herself in the dirty, the smelly and the unthinkable to discover the dignity of labor. One of the jobs she took one was portalet cleaning.
  • Jay Taruc's visit to the haunted Villa Epifania

    As part of his "Lockdown" series for I-Witness, Jay Taruc paid a visit to the mysterious Villa Epifania in Pampanga to uncover its secrets.
  • Reliving Jay Taruc's "The Few, The Proud"

    In a special I-Witness episode, Jay Taruc relived his documentary "The Few, The Proud" where he followed the transformation of 300 civilian recruits to elite Marines.
  • Howie Severino meets CNN's 2011 Hero of the Year, Robin Lim in Leyte

    Howie Severino traveled to Leyte to tell the stories of unborn babies amidst the rubble left by Typhoon Yolanda. It was here that he met midwife and CNN's 2011 Hero of the Year, Robin Lim.
  • Meet Abel and Joshua, orphans who depend on the sea to feed their families

    Kara David ventures to Pangasinan to meet Joshua and Abel, two orphaned boys who depend on the sea to feed their family.
  • Jay Taruc's visit to the Ukay-Ukay Capital of the Philippines

    Jay Taruc and his friend and ukay-ukay enthusiast Romeo Lee pay a visit to Baguio City, known as the Ukay-Ukay Capital of the Philippines.
  • Howie Severino relives the colorful life and work of legendary Eddie Romero

    Howie Severino paid tribute to three maestros of the Philippine film and television industry: Behn Cervantes, Eddie Romero, and Howie's former cameraman Egay Navarro.
  • Discovering the lives of healing priests

    Sandra Aguinaldo took a look at the lives of two healing priests and the faithful who flock to them, in the hope of a miracle.
  • Kara David treks up her biggest challenge yet: Mt. Apo

    Kara David has been climbing mountains for 20 years. She has yet to conquer her biggest challenge yet: the formidable Mt. Apo.