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  • Jay Taruc's visit to the Ukay-Ukay Capital of the Philippines

    Jay Taruc and his friend and ukay-ukay enthusiast Romeo Lee pay a visit to Baguio City, known as the Ukay-Ukay Capital of the Philippines.
  • Howie Severino relives the colorful life and work of legendary Eddie Romero

    Howie Severino paid tribute to three maestros of the Philippine film and television industry: Behn Cervantes, Eddie Romero, and Howie's former cameraman Egay Navarro.
  • Discovering the lives of healing priests

    Sandra Aguinaldo took a look at the lives of two healing priests and the faithful who flock to them, in the hope of a miracle.
  • Kara David treks up her biggest challenge yet: Mt. Apo

    Kara David has been climbing mountains for 20 years. She has yet to conquer her biggest challenge yet: the formidable Mt. Apo.
  • Discovering Ninoy's simple joys in Boston

    On Ninoy's 30th death anniversary, Howie Severino's documentary "1983" examines the little known but vital years of the Aquino family in America.
  • 21-year-old Loboc choir singer is now nurse to quake victims

    Howie Severino met Jessa years ago for a documentary on Loboc's choir. Today, she helps victims of the quake that devastated her hometown.
  • For pregnant women of Mt. Mahagsay, the nearest hospital is 5 hours away

    Every pregnancy puts the woman and infant in life-threatening danger. Kara David met with the habal-habal drivers and midwife who help the expectant mothers.
  • UPIS kids ask Kara David: May pamilya na ba kayo? (I-Witness Homecoming)

    In an open forum at her alma mater, Kara David answers a question from cute grade schoolers.
  • Kara David: Ako ang reporter na nanggaling sa baba (I-Witness Homecoming)

    The award-winning documentary filmmaker was once a production assistant (PA). She adds: "Hindi kailangang ikaw palagi ang bida."
  • Jay Taruc: Ang topic ng dokyu, malapit dapat sa puso mo (I-Witness Homecoming)

    Sa isang Q&A sa Centro Escolar University, kinuwento ni Jay ang kanyang proseso bilang dokumentarista.