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LOOK: Fendi unveils its 2021 Chinese New Year capsule collection

By Racquel Quieta

The Chinese New Year is less than a month away and it's that time of the year again when fashion houses unveil their capsule collection dedicated to the upcoming Lunar New Year.

2021 is the Year of the Metal Ox and Italian luxury brand Fendi's Chinese New year (CNY) collection is festive and fierce at the same time.

Fendi unveils its Chinese New Year capsule collection for 2021 / Source: fendi (IG)

Fendi announced the launch of their CNY capsule collection on Instagram by posting a series of photos.

They captioned one of the photos with: “The Year of the Ox promises strength, harmony, and success - why not summon good fortune with the #FendiCNY 2021 capsule collection?”

Chinese actor Zhang Ruoyun wears the Fendi Chinese New year collection / Source: fendi (IG)

For the men's apparel, the iconic FF logo is the star of their designs, paired with fiery colors black and red.

They have a black T-shirt, sweatshirt, and trouser embellished with a red Fendi logo design and a red Fendi monogram sweater.

Metal is a strong element and people born under Chinese zodiac signs with metal elements are believed to be ambitious, self-reliant, and determined.

Moreover, the color red in Chinese culture symbolizes luck, joy, happiness, and vitality.

Hence, the bold and vibrant color red is the perfect choice for Fendi's CNY collection, since it embodies what the Year of the Metal Ox is all about.

The festive and feminine women's apparel and accessories of Fendi's CNY 2021 collection / Source: fendi (IG)

Meanwhile, for the women's apparel, Fendi used the colors pink, white, and red for a very feminine look.

They also incorporated floral elements such as chrysanthemums and peonies.

In Chinese culture, Chrysanthemum symbolizes longevity, while peonies represent prosperity.

So, with Fendi's festive CNY collection, women can welcome the Lunar New Year in style, looking dainty while being determined and optimistic at the same time.

They have a full-length cardigan in pink, a crop top cardigan in red and white, a monogram skirt, shirt, shorts, and bomber jacket, and a white T-shirt with CNY-themed Fendi logo.

Women's bags in the Fendi CNY 2021 collection / Source: fendi (IG)

The bags for women and men in Fendi's CNY collection are absolutely gorgeous.

Following the theme of men's and women's apparel, men's bags are all in black and red, while pink and red are the dominant colors in women's bags.

The women's bags include a shoulder bag and a baguette bag, which are available in different sizes.

Other accessories included in the women's collection are a shoulder strap, phone pouch, hair clips, hair elastics, bracelet, watches, ring, earrings, foulard, bandeau, and sunnies.

Some of Fendi's CNY 2021 collection men's apparel and accessories / Source: fendi (IG)

Men's bags consist of a red Fendi monogram backpack, a red baguette pouch, and a red monogram flat pouch.

Other men's accessories include a scarf, cardholder, bucket hat, and baseball cap. All of which have a Fendi monogram design.

They also have a pair of white sneakers that have red jacquard FF fabric on the side.

If you want to get your hands on some of the stunning items in Fendi's CNY capsule collection, they're now available on selected stores worldwide and on their official website.

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