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P48.7 million worth of this 'Bridgerton'-looking Nap Dress sold in 12 minutes!

By Racquel Quieta

New fashion trends were born during the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as fashionable PPEs, stylish face masks and the rise in popularity of loungewear and sleepwear. For sure, many have “added to cart” some comfy and stylish pieces from the mentioned categories. But selling $1 million worth of Nap Dresses in 12 minutes is unheard of! That's 48.7 million in Philippine peso!

The popular Nap Dress by Hill House Home / Source: @hillhouse (IG)

This unprecedented feat was achieved by New York-based Hill House Home, which produced the exceptionally popular Nap Dress.

While Bridgerton fans can't help but speculate that the Nap Dress was inspired by the hit Netflix series, many would be surprised to know that the Nap Dress has actually existed even before the pandemic struck.

The lead characters from the Netflix series 'Bridgerton' / Source: @bridgertonnetflix (IG)

In an article by the Fast Company, Hill House Home founder and CEO Nell Diamond said that the nap dress was an extension of her identity as an “extreme homebody.”

She said, “I would spend all my time at home if I could. I want to be comfortable, but I also want my outfit to make me look polished and at my best; I don't think you need to compromise on that.”

And true enough, when the pandemic happened, many people shared the same sentiment. People wanted something comfortable to wear while they work or study at home, but at the same time, it has to be Zoom ready too.

Although the Nap Dress was created way back in 2018, it became the perfect wok-from-home outfit.

Diamond said, “…the design was actually perfectly suited to life in quarantine. It is so comfortable you can literally sleep in it, but you can also wear it to a meeting with your investors.”

The English Garden collection / Source: @hillhouse (IG)

Hill House Home reportedly saw a 275% increase in sales last year, and on February 10, when it dropped its newest collection called "The English Garden," it sold $1 million worth of Nap Dresses in just 12 minutes, making more revenue than they had made in the whole year of 2019.

The Nap Dress comes in five different designs, with most of them having an empire cut design with smocking bodice and frilly sleeves. Their prices range from $75 up to $150, or around P3,647 up to P7,294.

After its overnight success amid the pandemic, the brand received a $6 million Series A funding, which they plan to use to expand their network of influencers, grow their current team of six, create more products for the post-pandemic world and eventually open a brick-and mortar store in New York.

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