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Dawn Zulueta on finally working with Michael V: "Matagal ko na kasi siya gusto makatrabaho..." Read more:

READ: Dawn Zulueta waited two decades to work with Michael V


Movie star and highly acclaimed actress Dawn Zulueta is relishing every moment working with the Kapuso comedy genius Michael V in the refreshing family drama movie ‘Family History.’


Dawn Zulueta
Dawn Zulueta


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Dawn Zulueta admires Michael V's work ethics as 'Family History' director

According to the veteran star, they used to be in the same TV network but never had the opportunity to work together.

After more than two decades of waiting, Dawn is now seeing Michael V's brilliance as he does multiple roles in their big movie project.

“So far so good, I’m enjoying it," shares Dawn while adding, "Matagal ko na kasi siya gusto makatrabaho, si Michael. And finally nae-experience ko na what it’s like..."

"Brilliant siya, 'di ba, writer siya. He is also a very good actor, comedian — and now he’s directing. So, it must be very exciting for him,” she adds.

Dawn also says that fans and moviegoers will likewise be excited to see Michael V doing a different genre thru Family History.

“He’s really very good, I’ve already watched him before, nung gumagawa siya ng comedies niya. Ngayon naman it's refresing naman na makita siya in a different light.

"While this is not completely drama, mayoon mga dramatic scenes, pero hindi naman siya talaga serious masyado.

“It is nice to see him doing something else, parang of a different genre. I’m sure mae-excite ang audience sa kanya.”

Watch the full interview of Dawn Zulueta in this exclusive video below: