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Know more about past, current, and upcoming movie projects of GMA Pictures, the movie production company of the Philippines' leading TV network.

My Bebe Love

Directed by Jose Javier Reyes, 'My Bebe Love' is a romantic-comedy film which stars Vic Sotto, Aiai Delas Alas, Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards.  

Kubot, The Aswang Chronicles 2

Fresh from reuniting with his beloved Sonia after the Tiktik’s attack, Makoy loses everything he ever fought for in the vengeful wrath of the Tiktik’s kin---the Kubotaswang. Now back in Manila, 2 years later, Makoy leads a life away from trouble but trouble always has a way of finding him.


A hacker (Richard Gutierrez) with a vendetta against a pharmaceutical company sends the resident secretary (Lauren Young) on a deadly mission: to wear a bomb to a press conference. A deadly game between the two transpires as the bomb ticks down to zero.


A group of people gets stuck in a basement parking for the night. At the onset, some are irritated and just can’t wait to go home, while some don’t even give a damn, knowing they can easily come out the next day. But when the power is shut off and as it gets close to midnight, strange things start to happen.

Dance of the Steel Bars

With an authentic gritty setting, star-studded cast, gripping storyline and a soundtrack that combines contemporary street dance with the sound of a big Hollywood film score, the theatrical release of Dance of the Steel Bars, will kick-start Philippine Independence Day with a bang. 

My Lady Boss

Zach is a spoiled rich kid who needs a job to prove himself to his family. Evelyn is a hard-shelled boss who will be the bane of his existence. But is there room for love to grow between them too? 

Sosy Problems

Four girls, from the villages of Forbes Park, have the biggest problem—like, ever!

TikTik: The Aswang Chronicles

Makoy follows his pregnant girlfriend to her hometown in the hopes of winning her back. Instead, he and his friend find themselves fighting for their lives against a town filled with mythical monsters.

Of All The Things

This is a story involving Emil (Aga Muhlach), an intellectual going through a tough time and Berna (Regine Velasquez), an overly ambitious woman who finds herself in trouble. 

Just One Summer

A story of two people finding each other and finding their own selves in one summer.


BOY PICK-UP DA MOVIE is a spin-off of Ogie Alcasid's famous character in Bubble Gang. Get to know who Boy Pick-up really is in this film.

The Witness

A General Manager is transferred from Manila to Jakarta where she is haunted by dreams of a man named Aris. 

My Kontrabida Girl

Will the Kontrabida Girl find her Leading Man?

Ang Panday 2

The adventures of the simple blacksmith-turned-hero continues in the sequel to the blockbuster hit of a Carlo J. Caparas classic.

The Road

Hold on to your seats and get ready for this year's scariest movie.

Temptation Island

A remake of the 1980s classic about four beauty queens stranded on a deserted island.

My Valentine Girls

Love can be haunting, moving, and laugh-out-loud thrilling!

Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote

Two characters cross paths and face an exciting, comedic and magical journey together.

In Your Eyes

Amidst the promise of happiness, the weight of duty, and the power of passion stands a dilemma: what if following your heart means hurting someone you love?

You To Me Are Everything

Iska is a simple, contented girl from the Cordillera mountains who suddenly inherits millions after the death of her real father.

Working Girls

A modern update on the iconic 80s Philippine movie classic, “Working Girls” offers a hilarious and insightful take on the modern Filipina.

Ang Panday

For many years, the demon Lizardo has been spreading his reign of terror. Among the humans he kills are the parents of a boy named Flavio.

Patient X

Lukas Esguerra's family is massacred in a small town. The cops capture one of the perpetrators, a woman named Guada who turns out to be an “aswang”. She is locked up in the basement of a hospital and while being held captive, Guada asks to speak to only one person - Lukas.

Yaya and Angelina: The Spoiled Brat Movie

Yaya has finally had enough of her bratty charge. She packs up and resigns her post as Angelina's nanny. Without her Yaya, what will become of our Angelina?


Romano wakes up after a coma and finds out that he has acquired the ability to see and sense spirits.


Six people are brought together on a seven-day cruise that will change their lives forever.

My Monster Mom

Esme and Abby are the most unlikely pair - a mother and daughter who know nothing about each other. But maybe, given time, they will realize that they are more alike than they first thought.

My Best Friend's Girlfriend

The story of love unexpected, one that just pops up and takes you by surprise. It is the story of complete opposites who find love when they are not looking for it.


Pam meets Rico an Ivatan, and decides to leave her stressful life in the city to follow him to Batanes to meet his parents. But then tragedy strikes. Will Pam learn to love again?


Five girls dare to call on the spirits of the dead when they find their old Ouija board from when they were kids.

The Promise

Inspired by the literary classic “Wuthering Heights”,  The Promise explores the innocence of young love, the weight of vengeance, and the edges of pass

Till I Met You

They are all caught in a situation they didn’t want but could not control. But in the end the love that binds the three will free and heal the wounds of their past.

Moments of Love

In a sleepy lakeside town, time curved for two people to meet and part. In the end, all that was left were Moments of Love.

I Will Always Love You

Will love be enough to hold a young couple together in spite of distance and hardship?

Mulawin the Movie

Picking up where the top-rating primetime TV series left off, Mulawin the Movie begins with Aguiluz and Alwina’s decision to embrace the mortal life.


A hopeless romantic consults a self-help book written by her heroine, a so-called love guru. But will the advice be of any help when true love is right in front of her eyes?

Let the Love Begin

When the feeling is true, can love be too far behind? Let the love begin.

Death Row

Sonny learns about growing up the hard way as an inmate on Death Row. His only hope for salvation is an old man named Sinat, who might help soften the edges before it is too late.


One the most spectacular and controversial Philippine epics to date, the film explores the creative mind of its national hero.

Sa Pusod ng Dagat

Pepito is bound to become the village’s midwife, something he never dreamed of becoming but was destined to be.

Tween Academy: Class of 2012

Barbie, Bea and Elmo are close friends.  They go to the same high school where they are “INVI”s,  as in always in INVIsible mode.

One True Love

It’s the heart that stores the memories…it’s the heart that remembers, what the mind forgets…fondly, clearly and completely.