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In Your Eyes

For most of their lives, all that sisters Ciara (Claudine Barretto) and Julia (Anne Curtis) had were each other. With their father succumbing to depression after their mother’s death, the two sisters are left to fend off for themselves at a very young age, with Ciara taking care of Julia.
Ciara assumes the responsibility of a parent, providing for Julia years later, while working in the U.S. as a nurse. Meanwhile, Julia lives a carefree life back home and meets Storm (Richard Gutierrez), a struggling photographer. When Julia heads to America, the smitten Storm comes with her on a whim.
Julia and Storm struggle as illegal aliens in America. To obtain an immigrant status, a hesitant Storm marries Ciara, who is now an American citizen. Suddenly, a wedge is driven between the two sisters. Amidst the promise of happiness, the weight of duty, and the power of passion stands a dilemma: what if following your heart means hurting someone you love?

Cast Information

Claudine Barreto as Ciara
Anne Curtis as Julia
Richard Gutierrez as Storm
Joel Torre as Dr. Samuel Olfindo
Maricar De Mesa as Lisa
Leandro Munoz as Dennis
Rey PJ Abellana as Storm's dad
Raymond Lauchengco as Ciara and Julia's dad
CJ Jaravata as Chelsea
?Irene Celebre as Dina
?Gio ALvarez as Storm's co-worker
IC Mendoza as Ciara's friend
Lloyd Allen as Ciara's friend
Richie Austria as Ciara's friend
Frances Ignacio as Susie