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My Monster Mom

After being raised in the U.S. and establishing a career as a New York fashion stylist, Abby (Ruffa Gutierrez) learns, upon his father’s death, that her real mother is Esme (Annabelle Rama) – a tough, street smart lady from Kamuning. So Abby comes back to the Philippines to finally settle her legal adoption and to finally see what her real mother is like.

From their very first encounter, it becomes clear that her real mother is a lot of things: loud, feisty, overly strict, embarrassing, a walking culture shock of nightmarish proportions; but absolutely nothing like her.

As she struggles to fit in her mother’s life – her circle of odd friends, her terrified sons – Abby starts challenging Esme, a woman whose authority no one dares to challenge. However, the more they clash and bicker, the more Abby mirrors her mother’s tough, strong-willed personality and vice-versa, until something becomes equally clear: the more unalike they seem to be, the more similar they become.

Cast Information

Annabelle Rama as Esme 
Ruffa Gutierrez as Abby 
Mart Escudero as Pipo 
JC de Vera as Boboy