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My Best Friend's Girlfriend

Evo (Richard Gutierrez) and Grace (Marian Rivera) are from different worlds. The former is a happy-go-lucky rich slacker while the latter is a hardworking student who takes on odd jobs just to make ends meet. Their paths cross serendipitously when Grace, a waitress in a girlie bar, agrees to fill in for a stripper friend on a bachelor’s party attended by Evo. His not-so gentlemanly behavior during the party doesn’t endear him with Grace, and unfortunately, neither with his girlfriend (Isabel Oli) who instantly breaks-up with her.
Wanting his girlfriend back, Evo arrives at a scheme upon discovering that Grace happens to be his bestfriend’s girlfriend. He makes a deal with her: pretend to be his girlfriend in order to drive his ex-girlfriend jealous, and in return, his doesn’t tell his bestfriend about her dirty little secret. Grace reluctantly agrees and their lives take on a number of twists and turns that forces them to look at each other like never before.
My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend is a fun, hilarious, and poignant tale of love and its many unexpected and delightful surprises.

Cast Information

Richard Gutierrez
Marian Rivera
Ehra Madrigal
JC de Vera