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Tween Academy: Class of 2012

Barbie, Bea and Elmo are close friends.  They go to the same high school where they are “INVI”s … as in always in INVIsible mode.  They are outcasts, constantly made fun of by the cool kids.

The friends have had enough.  They decide to change their lives – have more fun, more friends, be more popular.  To make sure this happens, they create a list of things to do to improve themselves.  What follows is a series of heartwarming and funny events that … yes, does change their lives for the better. 

Cast Information

Elmo Magalona as Lorenzo/Enzo
Bea Binene as George/Georgina
Barbie Forteza as Kara
Jake Vargas as Jepoy
Joshua Dionisio as Robin
Louise Delos Reyes as Jess
Alden Richards as Christian
Derrick Monasterio as Maximo
Joyce Ching as Ashlee
Kristoffer Martin as Diego
Sam Pinto as Ms. Maddie
Lexi Fernandez as Chloe
Angelu de Leon as Angele
Bobby Andrews as Jedon
Yayo Aguila as Myla
Pinky Amador as Anna
German Moreno as Mang Ambo