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Of All The Things

This is a story involving Emil (Aga Muhlach), an intellectual going through a tough time and Berna (Regine Velasquez), an overly ambitious woman who finds herself in trouble. 
After failing his bar exam, would-be lawyer Emil’s life goes downhill. His “private law practice” is really just a service as a notary public and affidavits. He gains the nickname “Umboy” because his office is literally under a multicolored umbrella.
Meanwhile upscale Makati is Berna’s game. Her ‘transactions’ often happen in different offices and hotel lobbies. Her exact job description is vague but she is great at networking and has amassed a number of contacts. It is from hooking up these contacts that she earns her commissions. 
But a sour transaction lands Berns in hot water. She needs to find herself a fake lawyer fast! And this is how Umboy meets Berns! 
What will happen between these two disparate personalities? If friendship seems so unlikely, what chance do they have at falling in love? Find out in this new romantic comedy! 

Cast Information

Emil “Umboy” Arellano played by Aga Muhlach 
A law graduate who has failed the bar exam twice, Emil has lost his nerve to go after his dreams. Instead, he works at a makeshift stall under an umbrella as a notary public. 
Bernadette “Berns” playbed by Regine Velasquez
A professional 'fixer' with a wide network of contacts, she even has political connections that she sometimes taps to get her job done. She is charming and knows how to work people. But not even she can sweet talk herself out of all of her problems. 
Epifanio “Eps” Arellano
Umboy's best friend and cousin who is also a partner in the small business. He is a loyal friend and will do anything to see his cousin happy. 
Berns' gay sidekick, runner, personal assistant and driver. 

Domingo “Domeng” Arellano
Umboy’s dad. He is a retired law teacher who tutors law students about to take the Bar Exams. He is quiet, serious and a bit cold.
Virginia “Virgie” Arellano
Umboy’s mom. A former political science teacher, she is passionate about socio-political and economic problems. She might have a high IQ but she unfortunately has a low EQ. 

Susan “Susie”
Mommy Susie is a former beauty queen but on a barangay level only. She has high hopes for her kids and has set the bar high for who her children can marry.
Eduardo “Eddie”
Berns’ dad is kind and lovable. He provides what he can for his family and loves them dearly.
Berns’  teenaged sister. Mommy Susie does not approve of her boyfriend and it is causing a lot of strain in the family dynamic. 

Daniel “Dan” Arellano 
Umboy’s older brother.  He is arrogant and carries airs. He acts like he is rich even though he actually isn’t.
A bodyguard, Jerry has a huge crush on Berns. She sometimes takes advantage of this to get favors.
Princess’s boyfriend.