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Sosy Problems

Set around the Christmas Season…
Four girls, from the villages of Forbes Park, have the biggest problem—like, ever! Kasi naman, their tambayan at the Makati Polo Club is in danger of being torn down. The new owners of the exclusive club, an ex-general and his wife, want to build a chaka-yaya-mall sa area. OMG! Obviously, mga bagong salta sa area. Paano, mga nouveau rich kasi, kaya walang ka-class-class sa katawan! They’re injecting their jologsness sa pinakasosyal na lugar sa Manila!
Of course, hindi papayag ang ating apat na bida! Rhian, Bianca, Solenn and Heart will do everything para ma-stop ang gustong gawin ng ex-general/new owner ng polo club! The four girls stage a protest the unfairness of the situation—hindi nila pwedeng sirain ang club! Saan na lang sila tatambay?!
On their journey to save Polo Club, each of the four girls get a deeper look at themselves and become all the better for it.
Will it be a merry Christmas?

Cast Information

Rhian Ramos
Bianca King
Solenn Heussaff 
Heart Evangelista