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My Lady Boss

Evelyn is your regular boss from hell. She is forward, tough, demanding, she minces no words to get her point across even if it means hurting her subordinates’ feelings. She is not running a daycare center, she says, she is running a business as Brand Manager of a local cellphone manufacturer. It is no surprise her subordinates secretly call her 666, the queen of hell.  
Zach is your regular rich boy living the life, a party animal and has commitment issues. He is an only son, a Marketing graduate and has tried his hand on setting up several marketing companies using the multilevel marketing scheme. Zach’s latest venture is a financial disaster he ends up in jail for unfunded checks. He is devastated as he faces a guaranteed jail sentence. 
Zach’s rich grandfather, Carlos, comes to the rescue and pays for his debts on one condition- Zach has to find a regular job and keep the job for at least year. This, Carlos hopes, will teach Zach some valuable lessons in life and business. 
In a twist of fate, Zach ends up working for Evelyn when she hires him as her Asst. Brand Manager. Immediately, there is a personality clash between the two. 
Evelyn grew up in a lower-middle class family and knows the value of time and money. She is uptight, structured, her life is planned out before her, which includes marrying her boyfriend Timothy in two years time. But Timothy isn’t happy at all. He cannot wait another two years. He calls it quits. 
Evelyn is brokenhearted. 
When Zach witnesses Evelyn’s breakdown after getting dumped, he sees a more vulnerable side to Evelyn. An attraction between them ensues. A little flirting ends up in a kiss. And then the kiss leads to more encounters. As these encounters become more intimate, they begin to question how they feel for each other. But how will they deal with the situation of them being boss and subordinate working in a company where office romance is prohibited?
In the end, Zach and Evelyn have to decide what matters to them the most; they need to figure out if love has become a liability or something they can look forward nurturing.

Cast Information

Richard Gutierrez as Zach
Marian Rivera as Evelyn