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Ang Panday

In this highly-acclaimed reboot of the classic “Panday” franchise, Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr. reprises the role of the simple blacksmith-turned-hero, defending the world from the powerful demon Lizardo and his evil forces.


The blacksmith Flavio grew up an orphan after his parents were murdered at the hands of Lizardo. Now a quiet blacksmith, Flavio has made a life out of avoiding conflict, choosing to retreat to his craft instead of defending himself. One day, a comet falls from the sky and lands outside Flavio’s home. A mysterious woman named Maria tells him that the comet is part of a prophecy foretelling the arrival of a hero that will rid the world of Lizardo and his evil. She tells Flavio that this is his destiny. From the powerful ember left by the comet, Flavio fashions a sword that could finally defeat Lizardo. And so a hero is born.

Cast Information

Ramon Bong Revilla Jr  as FLAVIO the hero; reluctant at first but fearless afterwards.

Iza Calzado as MARIA

Rhian Ramos as EMELITA

Geoff Eigenmann as CELSO

Robert Villar as BUGOY ang batang makulit na sidekick ni Flavio.

Philip Salvador as LIZARDO

Joonie Gamboa as LOLO ISKO