Marian and Dingdong are engaged!

Aug 9, 2014 15:16 pm


The day that everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived.

In their last dance as boyfriend and girlfriend in the August 9 episode of Marian, the Primetime King and Queen proved that their love for each other is meant to last forever.

On his knees, Dingdong Dantes proposed to Marian Rivera. And Marian accepted.

The proposal
Guesting in Marian's show, Dingdong gave her a bouquet and asked her to sit on the "hot seat."

He praised her for her performances on the show. "Nagugulat ako sa 'yo," he said, referring to her daring dance routines.

He showed her Instagram photos and asked her to explain each one.

One showed Marian with her friends. Another showed her siblings. She said Dingdong made it possible for her to visit them in Spain.

The third showed her with her dad.

The fourth showed pictures of her and loved ones on the set of Amaya.

The next ones showed photos of the two of them together. She said Dingdong made her pose for many of them. 

A birthday photo reminded Marian of the time when she fell so much in love with Dingdong. 

A presentation put them both almost at the brink of tears, and Marian hugged Dingdong's back.  

Dingdong recalled when he celebrated his birthday in 2012.

He took Marian to a butterfly dome in Macau. His family was there to witness it.

Dingdong asked that the presentation be frozen.

"May isa akong importanteng bagay na di nagawa noon -- di ko nasabi dahil sobrang overwhelmed ako pero allow me to do it right this time." 

Clearing his throat, he added: "Sa tingin ko mas magiging espesyal sya ngayon kasi ngayon kaharap mo na ang pamilya mo at nandito ang lahat ng nagmamahal sa atin. Gusto kong ipagsigawan sa buong mundo and like what I said I wanna do it right this time."

Dingdong knelt. Marian was crying. The song Kahit Maputi Na Ang buhok Ko was playing.

Dingdong said: "I have been praying na sana bigyan nya ako ng makakasama ko sa kalokohan, kasiyahan...isang taong kasama kong mangarap. Isang taong maibibigay ko ang lahat sa kanya. There's nothing else I want to ask for but to settle down and have a family.

"May isang bagay na malinaw sa akin. It's that I wanna spend the rest of my life with you."
"Kaya ngayon saksi ang mga mahal natin sa buhay gusto kong ipagsigawan sa buong mundo na ikaw ang sagot sa aking mga dasal."

Dingdong, still kneeling, brought out a ring. I offer you this gift on your birthday. But something (else) that's beyond any material thing - that's beyond any tangible gift. I offer you myself, my love, today, and all the days of my life. So please, Marian. Uy, serious ito (He noted his laughing girlfriend's expression). Please, Marian, will you be my wife."

They kissed.

Dingdong placed the ring on Marian's finger. And they kissed and embraced. Another kiss.
They embraced, both crying.

Dingdong announced: "Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present to you my fiance, the birthday girl, in her last dance with me before we become one. The soon to be Marian Gracia Dantes."

They had a last dance as Coldplay's Viva La Vida played in the
background. Making the scene even more romantic were the beautiful butterflies that surrounded the newly engaged couple.

Marian's answer

Marian's relatives welcomed Dingdong into the family. A video of Marian's dad was also shown.

Marian told Dingdong: "Alam kong marami babae sa mundo pero alam kong ako lang babaeng minahal mo nang sobra."

She said she does not care how many kids Dingdong wants.

"Is that a yes?" Dingdong asked.

"Yes!" Marian declared.

First meeting

Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes met on the set of the GMA Primetime series, MariMar.

Since then, the DongYan love team has amassed a huge following. They have starred opposite each other in top-rating projects like Marimar, Endless Love and My Beloved.

The reel became real soon after, and the rest as they say, is history.

In an earlier interview with, Dingdong shared how much he loves and treasures Marian.

Describing their working relationship during their first few projects together, Dingdong said, “I think what helps is that we are both sincere. From day one naman, that was the case. Regardless if we were together or not, siguro how we are to each other translates on screen. Siguro kami, especially when we do our roles, we want to portray it right all the time. I guess that’s it.”

What for him is the best thing about Marian Rivera?

“There’s nothing else that I could ask for in a girlfriend. What do I love most about her? Aside from her sweetness, her sincerity and her sense of humor,” replied Dingdong.

The two enjoy watching movies together, eating out and traveling. Undoubtedly they are a huge part of each others’ lives.

On his own, what would Dingdong consider to be a perfect day?

“It will probably start with a good breakfast with a mountain view, and probably have a good ride to Sierra Madre by bike and enjoying the sunset,” he answered.

Now, they will be enjoying every sunset together for the rest of their lives.

Congratulations to the newly engaged couple! Best wishes!

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