Louie Pedroso of T.O.P. shares about having no expectations of winning 'To The Top'

October 2, 2015


For Louie Pedroso, the finals night of To The Top remains to be a clear memory. He vividly remembers what he saw and heard and most importantly, how he felt.
From his end, there were no expectations of winning. What dominated were feelings of pride for a friend and gratefulness for a priceless opportunity.
“Nung time na yun, I was really happy for Mico na nakapasok siya. As in umiikot sa mind ko na tipong ‘grabe, I’m so proud of this guy right here [that] I don’t care na [whether or not I] win… I was [also] looking at my parents [who] were smiling at me and I felt like they were so proud of me,” he said.
Even with all the flashing lights and eyes of the audience on the finalists, he remained composed, knowing that everything will fall into place no matter how the results will turn out. Thus, hearing his name being called as one of the winners was a moment he will always remember.
“My best memory would have to be the second my name was called to be part of the top five… I didn’t think I had room pa to be happier that day pero nung tinawag yung name ko, sobrang [overwhelming lang],” he shared.
For Louie, the months he spent competing and training in the first multi-platform boy band competition of the country were transformative.
“I’ve learned countless things from the people I’ve worked with and the brothers I’ve met. One thing that has really changed about me is that now, I appreciate hard work more than anything,” he asserted.
Talent, he learned, can only get one so far. What builds character and scores opportunities is effort and determination.
“I now realize that hard work gets you a long way. It builds on what talent you have. Yung talent mo, ‘pag dinagdagan mo pa ng days and nights of hard work, ibang klase yung output niyan,” he asserted.
Now that he’s part of T.O.P, the newest boy band of GMA Network, he promises to bring more talent and hard work to the table.
“Expect something new… We are here to show the world what Filipino music, heart and work really [are],” he concluded.