Madelle Enriquez Paltu-ob
Performing artist Madelle Enriquez Palt-ob is an alumni of the two-time World Hip Hop Dance Champions, the Philippine Allstars. Madelleregularly produces dance showcases and events designed to impart her passion for dance to the next generation of Filipino artists.
For Madelle, dancing gave her purpose. She developed and nurtured her craft when she began dancing for the Victory Christian Fellowship whose members encouraged her to pursue her aspirations. “When I was surrounded by people who had a relationship with God, I was in an environment of encouragement and that’s why my growth [as a dancer] accelerated,” she says.
A licensed Zumba instructor like her husband Prince, Madelle brings dynamic dance moves to punctuate the performances of the To The Top artists. She advises them to “practice, practice and practice. They need to be committed to make themselves better by practicing. No one is better overnight so they need to make time to [improve their skills]. Do their best and do everything excellently, whether it be dancing or singing.”