Prince Paltu-ob
A former member of the two-time World Hip Hop Dance Champions, the Philippine Allstars, Prince Paltu-ob is known for exciting audiences with his unique flavor of funk, locking, popping, house, and hip hop dance moves.
His success as a solo dancer includes his win in the Popping and Locking Category of The Illest Cypher in Singapore, and in the Universal Tattoo Club Freestyle Street Dance Battle in Taiwan. Having traveled the world sharing his love for dance and music, Prince will definitely challenge the To The Top artists to strive for precision as they find their own way to express themselves through dance.
“Let the music move your dance. They just [have to] to rock it. They [have to be more confident] on how they walk to a certain step. It all starts there; the minute that they walk into the stage or whatever performance, they have to walk with confidence,” Prince shares his wise words to the boy band aspirants.