'Tols' is the first family sitcom of GTV produced by GMA Network and Merlion Events Production. 

The show is about the triplets named: Uno (Kelvin Miranda), Dos (Shaun Salvador), and Third (Abdul Raman) who were left by their mother, Barbara a.k.a Mommy Barbie (Rufa Mae Quinto), to go to Japan to work to give them a good life. She left the triplets to her relatives and they grew up separately, becoming estranged from each other.

After several years, Barbie goes back to the Philippines and wishes to reunite and live with her sons. Although hesitant, the triplets agree to her wish. However, Barbie feels resentment from her sons towards her. She must do her best to win their hearts. Growing up separately, the triplets must also deal with their differences, and the need to know their biological father. 

For the family to survive their daily expenses, Barbie decides to revive her father's barbershop, with the help of his sons. They soon repackage it to keep up with the times as Tols Barber and Salon, a now hybrid barber-salon shop for men and women manned and serviced by straight men. 

Joining Kelvin, Shaun, Abdul, and Rufa Mae in this sitcom are Betong Sumaya, Arkin Del Rosario, Rolando Inocencio, Olive May, and Raymond Mabute.