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'Radiance of Summer' group exhibition at Power Plant Mall 

Each summer brings us visions of bright sunny days interspersed by the radiance of summer flowers in bloom, outings with friends, trips to the beach, and daydreaming in the warm glow of a luminous summer sunset. Summer invokes a barrage of colors and experiences, all basking in the warm summer sunlight. 
Abdulmari Imao's Sarimanok Series
Summer is when memories are just waiting to happen—and every summer has a story. It is this season of festivity that inspires Galerie Joaquin to hold an exhibition entitled Radiance of Summer, at the Concourse Level of Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati City. 
With works by such eminent artists such as National Artist Arturo Luz and Abdulmari Imao, Presidential Medal of Merit Awardee Juvenal Sanso, Masters Angelito Antonio, Lydia Velasco and Dominic Rubio, as well as some of the best contemporary artists in the country such as Roel Obemio, Migs Villanueva, Jay Valente, Jomar Delluba, Pinggot Zulueta, and Richard Arimado, Radiance of Summer promises to be a visual arts symphony of summer.
Juvenal Sanso's Fervent Summer
The exhibition is hosted by Galerie Joaquin and will run at the Concourse level of the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell from April 14 to 21, 2013. Galerie Joaquin is at 371, P. Guevarra st. corner Montessori Lane, Addition Hills San Juan.  For more information, please call 723 9418 / 0917 5343942 or email
On display in this exhibition are exclusive works in National Artist Arturo Luz’s series on temple landscapes. It was during a series of summer trips to the ancient temples of Rajasthan, Borobudur, and Angkor that Luz conceptualized a series of abstract depictions of mystical temples—in the form of his famous usage of geometric lines and shapes. 
Dominic Rubio's Fine China
Thus we have Luz’s White Temples, a fantastic example that recalls the Palitana Jain temples in Gujarat, India. Using lines to evoke the essential spirituality of the site, Luz is able to instill the sense of awe that the temple radiates. Likewise its ability to sooth the soul are renowned painter Juvenal Sanso’s series of flora paintings—and in the case of this exhibition, some of his rare monochrome works.
Angelito Antonio is no stranger to a monochrome palette. In this exhibition, he uses it to create characteristic motifs of portraiture, such as the fascinating Tarat, where a flat abstracted figure of a woman is seated beside a bird cage. Also on display are works by Dominic Rubio, with the signature elongated necks of his figures, and the high-feminist genre scenes of Lydia Velasco. Abstractionist Carlo Magno also weighs in: his blue jeans mixing a renowned pure abstract practice with the figuration from his earlier days.
Migs Villanueva's Sweetie
The interesting thing about this exhibition is that, in a worthy attempt to encapsulate the summer experience, it mixes in works of more contemporary artists with that of the masters. Among them is Migs Villanueva, fresh from her successful participation at the Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong. Her renderings of the innocence of childhood remind us of our summer experiences during the purity of our youth. 
Roel Obemio’s Botero-esque narrative paintings exude the energy and whimsy of a storybook. Jay Valente uses travel and cars to highlight the travel experience, whilst Richard Arimado’s Birds-eye vantage point looks brings genre to an entirely different level
Radiance of Summer celebrates the cherished memories, stories, and experiences from what is arguably the season we all look forward to the most. Combining this with high-quality artwork results in a show that can’t be missed. Press release and photos from Galerie Joaquin