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MRT admin's blasé tweet over crashed train ignites public backlash

At least on social media, the administrators of the MRT public railway system seemed almost nonchalant over the derailing of one of their trains, which injured dozens of people late Wednesday afternoon.
At around 3:45pm on August 13, a southbound MRT train overshot the last station in Pasay Rotonda, causing the railcar to crash through the station's end barrier and onto the busy intersection of Taft Avenue and EDSA.
No less than 30 people were reported injured in the accident.
The shocked public naturally turned to authorities for answers and reassurance, but the official Twitter account of the DOTC-MRT3 had just this to say:
The apparently blasé way in which the incident was treated, with nary a mention of the injuries and damage incurred, was naturally met with anger by other netizens:
The dotcmrt-3 Twitter account only addressed the clamor with a tweet at 6:12pm, almost two hours after the initial advisory that started it all:
This didn't put the authorities completely off the hook, however:
— GMA News