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New Star Wars trailer spawns lightsaber meme

That buzz you hear when watching the trailer of the newest "Star Wars" film may not just be a lightsaber being turned on, but of the lightsaber memes fans have thought up.
Barely a week after the trailer was released, fans have taken to the Internet to comment on the new lightsaber design, which features a bladed crossguard.
"While fans generally gave mixed to negative reviews, most can at least agree that the iconic Jedi weapon of choice looks cool — if not clunky. Of course, when all the debating was done, the only way for Star Wars fans to express their dissatisfaction with the new lightsaber was by making fun of it through memes,"  said tech site Mashable, which posted some of the initial memes following the trailer.
Said Walt Disney Studios digital marketing director, Dustin Sandoval:
Sandoval himself posted over the weekend some memes stemming from a part of the trailer where a member of the Sith activates the new lightsaber design.
Other Twitter users had more humorous ideas for the new lightsaber, science fiction author Dayton Ward his own idea of a "Sith Army Lightsaber":

Cartoonist Harry Partridge posted his own take on what the next version of the lightsaber could be once "Star Wars VIII" rolls around:
Even the Jedi have their own version of the lightsaber, if @DepressedDarth is to be believed:
But since the holidays are upon us, @DepressedDarth suggested a new function for the lightsaber:
— Joel Locsin/TJD, GMA News