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‘Chicks in the Office’ host on Pacquiao’s ‘you can call me anytime’: It was for an interview

Senator Manny Pacquiao’s “you can call me anytime” comment on an Instagram live video chat was for a radio show interview invitation, and “not for any other reason,” the show’s host said.

Maria Ciuffo, an intern for US-based satirical sports men’s lifestyle site Barstool Sports and co-host of video segment “Chicks in the Office”, the live video Pacquiao commented on, clarified she asked Pacquiao if he wanted to be interviewed on a radio show also hosted by Barstool Sports, and believes his now-much-talked-about comment was an answer to that.

“When manny pacquiao came onto my live he asked where I was from. Barstool Sports has a show on Sirius Xm radio station rush 93 so I asked him if he would be willing to go on the show for an interview when he was in my Instagram live,” Ciuffo told GMA News Online in a Twitter message.

Ciuffo added she isn’t sure when the senator and boxing champion’s comment came in because of the bulk of other comments, and that she saw it in a screenshot sent to her after the livestream.

“It was unclear what he said after that because the comments were coming in fast and I ended the live stream. I'm not sure when he said "you can call me anytime" because that screenshot was sent to me,” she said.

Pacquiao admitted commenting on the “Chicks in the Office” intern and host’s Instagram live.

His explanation matched Ciuffo’s. He said, “Yes ako 'yon, kasi gusto nila akong interviewhin. Ininvite nila ako doon sa New radio station nila and then sabi ko, I'm in the Philippines, I cannot come but sabi ko 'you can call me anytime'.”

Ciuffo said she didn’t think the senator’s comment was strange.

“I didn’t think it was anything weird. I just thought it was funny,” Ciuffo said.

“It was harmless,” she added.

Pacquiao’s “you can call me anytime” comment on the “Chicks in the Office” live video came one day after he explained to reporters an Instagram conversation with 22-year-old Arzaylea Rodriguez.

The senator said it was just a “hobby” to check live videos on Instagram. —Nicole-Anne C. Lagrimas/KG, GMA News