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Camiguin's new tourism video goes viral for all the right reasons

Have you seen the new video promoting the humble island of Camiguin? As of writing, over 580,000 have viewed the video and the reception has been tremendously positive. 

It's easy to see why. 

The video, titled "No Words", kicks off with a tourist describing Camiguin as small, quiet, and seemingly uninteresting... and she quickly learns that it is anything but boring.

As she tours the island with a guide who cannot speak, she finds herself at a loss for words, too. 

A ride on a small plane reveals the beauty of the island and as she explores Tuasan Falls, savors the local delicacies, and joins the Lanzones Festival, her apprehension and previous judgments about Camiguin is quickly dispelled.

The video is part of the local government's #FeelCamiguin campaign and was launched just in time for the 38th Lanzones Festival, happening from October 22 to October 31. 

"No Words" is produced by James de la Vega. It was written by Benson Logronio and directed by ER Alviz.

J-mee Katanyag and Marco Augusto Simene co-star as tourist and tour guide. Simene is a Camiguin local and works at the accounting office of the provincial government. This is his acting debut. — AT, GMA News