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Dance performance video highlights the importance of acting together on the rise of HIV

A dance performance video featuring some of the country’s best contemporary ballet dancers is making the rounds on the internet today.

It’s moving performance on its own, but learning what it’s about makes it even more stirring: “Move Together” aims to break the stigma and fear of HIV transmission, highlighting the importance of acting on the rise of HIV, together.

It’s a collaboration between HIV advocate group The Red Whistle and ballet dancers Rita Winder, Jean Marc Cordero, Al Bernard Garcia, Victor Maguad, EJ Arisola and Nikka Melissa Anne Bola.

The dance is choreographed by Sydney-based dancer and choreographer Novy Bereber and written and directed by Filipino Niccolo Cosme, the same creative behind Project Headshot Clinic.

But making the video even more important are the presence of three persons living with HIV: Elena Felix, who has had the virus for 24 years, Jabar Esmael, who has been living with HIV for 3 years already, and Basha Rivera, a proud transwoman living with HIV for 10 years.

According to a press statement posted on its website, Niccolo said he wanted to show a lot of body contact to break the stigma and fear of HIV transmission. “We wanted to reach out to all our brothers and sisters living with HIV through the video and give them the message of hope and support, that together, we can rise above the challenges and beat AIDS,” he said.

According to data from the Department of Health’s HIV/AIDS the number of new HIV cases reported per day rose drastically from only one case per day in 2008 to 31/day in 2017.

In February alone, 900 new cases were reported.

The video, which is part of Red Whistle’s #MoveTogetherPH campaign, aims to eradicate the stigma of HIV. — LA, GMA News

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