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Good Samaritan buys groceries for fellow shopper amid panic buying

As the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) escalated to a pandemic, many people resorted to panic-buying supplies in the event of a lockdown or quarantine.

Some have been hoarding hygiene products such as alcohol, hand sanitizers, and face masks, emptying store shelves and stocking up their own cupboards.

But others have not forgotten to think about their fellow citizens in this time of crisis.

In a viral Facebook post, a netizen shared the kindness she witnessed while waiting in line to pay for her groceries at a supermarket.

"I couldn’t help but overhear this very nice young lady sa likuran namin saying to Manong na hindi nya kilala... 'Kuha pa po kayo ng tinapay, kape, asukal... ako po ang magbabayad,'" Lane Blackwater narrated in her post.

The man's basket only had a few canned goods and small bottles of alcohol.

He was reluctant to accept the gesture, but eventually the girl convinced him to get more groceries. While he was gone, she told her companions to fetch other necessary supplies for him.

"Pagdating ni Manong, nagulat na lang siya sa dami ng laman ng basket nya. Makikitang happy and overwhelmed na rin si Manong," Lane continued.

Upon seeing what's happening, other customers in the counter gave the man items that they already paid for. Others also offered to pay for his groceries.

"Nakakatuwa lang kasi may mga tao pa rin talaga na kagaya ni girl na makikita mo ang sincerity sa pagtulong. Pati tuloy mga tao nahawa na sa kanya," Lane said.

"Sana all kagaya ni girl."

On Thursday, Metro Manila was declared under community quarantine effective March 15. The Philippines has 52 confirmed COVID-19 cases with five deaths—MGP, GMA News