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Cookies by the Bucket under fire after ex-personnel reveals lewd convos among executives

Cookies by the Bucket has come under fire after a former baker of the company exposed what appears to be lewd conversations among its executives.

Beauty blogger Kim Cruz called out the company after finding out that she was one of the subjects of said conversations, and shared screencaps on her Twitter and Instagram stories.

"I was scared to post this but with all these brave women posting their #HijaAko stories, I think it’s time to speak up," she said.




Apparently, the company contacted her offering to send some of their cookies for advertising purposes.

But the screencaps, shared to her by a former student baker, show that they were spreading Kim's personal info and pictures amongst themselves.

"This disgusting behavior and the fact that these pervs are spreading private addresses and numbers given to them for marketing purposes is sickening," Kim said.

More and more women came forward with their own allegations about the company, causing #BoycottCookiesByTheBucket to trend on Twitter.

Fellow influencers Jamina Cruz and Kim Baranda, who also found themselves victims of this behavior, also spoke up on their Instagram stories.

Francis Mariano, the CEO of Cookies by the Bucket, has addressed the allegations in a statement on Facebook.

The now deleted post said, "Certain issues have surfaced recently. We do not condone this behavior and this is not what the company stands for. We apologize to those who were affected by this matter."

"We have investigated the matter and fired the people included. Moving forward, we will be implementing stricter company guidelines to prevent this issue from happening again," he added.

—JCB, GMA News