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Child goes viral for crying 'I Love You, Baby' while getting anti-rabies shots

A five-year-old child who sang and cried Frank Sinatra’s “I Love You, Baby” while getting his anti-rabies shots has gone viral on social media.

According to Oscar Oida’s report on “24 Oras” on Wednesday, Raven Sky Matias could not help but cry when the doctor was to give him his anti-rabies shot after he was scratched by a cat.

Raven sang "I Love You, Baby" while crying as the he allowed the doctor to administer his shots. The crying eventually stopped while the singing continued.

A day after, Raven was required to go back for another dose of the vaccine.

This time, he sang “Dance Monkey” by Australian singer Tones and I.

His viral video already had more than five million views on social media and counting.

Meanwhile, Rosalinda Matias, Raven’s mother, said singing became her son’s coping mechanism, which he got from social media.

She said Raven has been recently enjoying making videos via video sharing application TikTok.

Rosalinda added Raven was scared of the vaccine because his siblings would often taunt him about it.

However, Dr. Andrew Vicencio, pediatric fellow at the Philippine Pediatric Society, Inc., urged parents to not use vaccines as a way to scare children.

“‘Wag po nating gamiting pananakot ang mga doktor o ang pagbabakuna upang hindi po nila ito kalakihan na may takot,” Vicencio said. -Ma. Angelica Garcia/NB, GMA News