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Netizens on 0.75 meter distancing in public transpo: The virus will adjust

Some netizens turned to Twitter to express their sentiments after the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) reduced the physical distancing in public transportation, according to a report by Bam Alegre on Unang Balita on Monday.

From one meter, the required distance between passengers is now 0.75 meter starting Monday, Sept. 14.

Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade said the distance will be further reduced to 0.5 meter on Sept. 28, then 0.3 meter on Oct. 12.

Netizens however were doubtful such a move would make any difference as the novel coronavirus would not know such a measurement.

“The droplets will not choose to land up to 0.75 meters only in the next 2 weeks, or 0.5 meters thereafter in an enclosed space,” wrote @doclesj.

“Also sinong gumagamit ng 0.75 meters irl,” added @aieos.

“Covid nlang daw mag aadjust,” wrote @Weng80211534.

In China, Denmark and France, the physical distancing in public transportation is one meter between passengers.

In Australia, Italy and Germany, the distance is 1.5 meter, while in the US, it is 1.8 meter between passengers.

The Department of Health (DOH) on Sunday urged the public to be “extra vigilant” against COVID-19 ahead of the reduction of physical distancing in public transportation vehicles.

“Given the recent decision of the Department of Transportation to ‘optimize physical distancing in transportation’... we enjoin all Filipinos to be extra vigilant in situations where distancing cannot be practiced, and if possible, choose to participate in activities or use transport options that can afford at least [one meter] distancing,” it said in a statement.

On Monday as the new distancing guideline took effect, buses and jeepneys continued to observe the one-meter distancing between passengers instead of the 0.75 meter guideline.

The reason? They don't know how to measure 0.75 meter, according to a report on Unang Balita by Darlene Cay. —KG, GMA News