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4-year-old prefers vegetables over fried chicken

The common struggle of mothers is trying to convince their children to eat vegetables. But the situation is different for a four-year-old who prefers vegetables over fried chicken. 

In the report of Oscar Oida on "State of the Nation," a TikTok video shows Anderson Layog frowning upon and being irritated over a tray containing fried chicken and rice.

He nodded when asked if he prefers vegetables.

Presented with a tray of vegetables and rice, Anderson was had a big smile. his favorite vegetable? Crunchy broccoli.

His mother, Yen Layog, said when they started on solid foods she began by giving Anderson vegetables, fruits, pasta, and yogurt. She also gave him plain rice.

When Anderson turned two, he was then allowed to eat sweets.

Yen said children become picky eaters once they have tasted sweets. She advised parents to avoid giving their children sweets.

Presentation of food in a way that look palatable is only one method of encouraging children to eat.

Yen also makes sure that Anderson also eat meat as his source of protein. But this is a struggle, especially when it comes to pork dishes.

Also be reminded of the old adage, "Ang gulay, pangpahaba ng buhay." -- BAP, GMA Integrated News