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The world as seen by renowned photojournalist Weegee on view at Art Fair PH 2018

The nod to photography is perhaps the biggest addition to Art Fair Philippines, the annual celebration of modern and contemporary art.

This year, an entire section of the fair will be devoted to the works of Neal Oshima, Eduardo Masferre, and a selection from the Julius Baer Collection.

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In addition to this, the organizers announced that the works of renowned photojournalist Weegee will also be on view.

Weegee, born Arthur Fellig, is a self-taught photographer noted for his documentation of the sordid aftermath of street crime. His nickname is the phonetic spelling of the word "Ouija" — a reference to his uncanny ability to arrive at the scene of the crime before the police.

Photos he took from 1930s to the 1940s captures a historical arc in photojournalism, an exceptional offering for Art Fair goers.

International Center of Photography Manager James Kopp will provide a presentation on Weegee for more insights on his works.

Kopp will be joined by Filipino photojournalists Ezra Acayan and Raffy Lerma for a pertinent discussion on the role of the camera in keeping a visual record of events. Both Acayan and Lerma are members of an informal collective of photojournalists that formed in the early months of the Philippine drug war.

More details about the presentation will be announced on the Art Fair Philippines social media pages and website. — LA, GMA News