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How Vice President-elect Jejomar Binay can stand taller

Vice president elect Jejomar Binay stands proudly at 5'2", a modest height compared to the average man. And though he seems confident with this stature, there are many ways to trick the eye and make our future vice president stand even taller. Think stripes As renowned fashion designer Ronaldo Arnaldo suggests, “Everything he wears must be made to measure. A sartorial fit will make him look instantly tall. Loose, ready-to-wear clothing emphasizes his flaws." The first outfit Arnaldo designed is a linen safari jacket intended for everyday wear. The pockets are placed strategically to create an illusion that elongates the body, making Binay look tall. Arnaldo purposely made the top long and emphasized that “it should not be tucked in, like what Binay fondly does with his shirts. Tucking in cuts his body and makes him even shorter." “A classic barong tagalog with the right fabric can also do the trick," says Arnaldo. “A sinuksok piña silk that has almost invisible vertical lines will also add length. Same goes with the two-button suit, the fine pin stripes can make Binay visually long." Our fashion designer also shared a trick of the trade that is commonly used among male models and even grooms who need instant inches: hidden pads placed inside the shoes will give added lift anytime.
Be confident Professional image and development consultant Olen Lim has a different take on how to physically enhance Mr. Binay. Miss O, as she is popularly known, has known Binay even before he started his political career. He was her college professor for Corporate Law and she always knew that “he’s a no-fuss, practical guy." With these traits in mind, Miss O offers her professional assessment and some do's and don'ts to enhance the future vice president's image. “First is his dark, very Filipino skin. I do not wish to lighten it and neither will he (Binay). Vice president Binay has always been confident with his color," Lim says. She commends Binay for embracing his dark skin. "Hindi dapat maputi para maganda," Miss O confidently added.
She is also against any facial surgery, “A politician should show his emotions and experience through his face. This will make him more sincere." However, she strongly recommends that Binay should always keep his face well-groomed. “Keeping his face neat and clean can be his only tool to increase his height," Miss O explains. “When one accents and draws attention on his face, making it the focal point, people tend to look at him upward, towards the direction of the face and the head. He shouldn’t contradict this by wearing an interesting pair of shoes or trousers, because this will direct the attention downward. He should keep everything else simple, but his face and haircut always impeccable." Command and presence also make one appear tall. Miss O asserted that self-confidence, the right posture, and even the right angle work better than any fashion tool or makeover. “Vice president Binay is literally and figuratively the dark horse in the recent elections. His victory shocked everyone. And his new position as Vice president of the Philippines has increased his height a lot," Lim concluded. They say big things come in small packages. The Philippines’ next vice president, Jejomar Binay, now has the opportunity to become the small but terrible force that can help lead the country out of political misery. - GMANews.TV