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Neil Gaiman to release third short story collection in early 2015

English science fiction and fantasy author Neil Gaiman, best known for writing the highly-acclaimed “Sandman” series of graphic novels, has announced on his Tumblr page that his third collection of short stories will be published in February 2015.

Gaiman said he is in the final stages of “Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbance."

“I’m finishing the very last short story of the next collection RIGHT NOW. Everything else has been written: the stories, the introduction, all that…”

Neil Gaiman has won many awards for his fiction, non-fiction, comics, TV, and film writing.

Many of his works have been turned into theater and audio plays. His novels include “Stardust,” “Coraline,” “American Gods,” “The Graveyard Book,” and “The Ocean at the End of the Lane.”

He is married to singer-songwriter and performer Amanda Palmer.

Earlier this year, he began a five-year appointment as professor in the arts at Bard College, in Red Hook, New York, teaching the reading and writing of fantasy. — Vida Cruz/JDS, GMA News