Driving tips to improve and maximize engine performance

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Car maintenance is a must. You need to do an oil change, tire checkups, filter replacements and inspections on a regular basis to prevent car breakdown. It may be a lot of work, but prudently maintaining a car grants the benefit of fewer headaches down the road as it tallies a lot of mileage.

Besides maintenance, driving habits also have an effect on your car’s engine. When done right, they can even be good for your car engine. Here are some driving tips that can improve your car engine’s performance:

Make smooth accelerations and gradual stops. It is tempting to be the first to go the moment the light turns green. But consider this: there will always be a car in front of you. To prevent excessive braking, it is better to do light accelerations and let your car cruise. Doing this saves your brakes and rotors’ life. Plus, it can give you enough time and distance to press on the brake.

Keep your distance. Done in tandem with making smooth accelerations, keeping enough distance between you and the vehicle in front of you gives you lead time. This will help you change lanes, have enough time to look ahead, survey the traffic, and do a timely brake.

Touch the shifter only when changing gears. Many drivers may be guilty of letting their hand rest on the gearshift while driving. This is one habit that needs to be changed because putting too much weight on the gearshift may result in internal wear. It’s something you don’t want to happen to your car, so make sure you only touch your shifter when you need to change gears. 

These driving tips may improve engine performance, but to have it work more efficiently, it’s equally important that you use the right fuel.

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