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Is Rabiya Mateo in talks to star in a Hollywood film?

Is Rabiya Mateo in talks to star in a Hollywood film?

In an interview with "Unang Hirit" on Friday, the 2020 Miss Universe Philippines queen said she got to talk to "The Young Messiah" director Noah Nowrasteh about a possible role for her in a project they were planning to shoot in her home country.

However, Rabiya clarified that "nothing is for sure."

"We talked about a project during that time," Rabiya said in Filipino, referring to the dinner she had with Nowrasteh, which she posted about on Instagram last month.




"They were planning to shoot something here in the Philippines and they were looking for a woman to play the lead role, so they laid out the storyline as well as a possible role for me, but nothing is for sure," she added. "But hopefully, we never know, my first movie could be a Hollywood movie."

Rabiya represented the Philippines Miss Universe pageant held in Hollywood, Florida last May.

After the pageant concluded with the crown going to Mexico's Andrea Meza, the Filipino beauty queen did some travelling in the US for two months before coming home in July.

Rabiya shared a photo with director Nowrasteh in June, saying she met him just one day before flying back to the Philippines. —Margaret Claire Layug/JCB, GMA News