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Indonesian wushu athlete's father passes away as he wins gold in SEA Games

After capturing two gold medals for Indonesia in the 30th Southeast Asian Games wushu competition, Edgar Xavier Marvelo was looking forward to celebrating it with his family.

But little did he know that while he was giving his best in the competition, it was also the same moment his father had passed away.

"Winning the golds for men's Gunshu and Daoshu events of Wushu yesterday came as a bittersweet moment for Indonesian Edgar Xavier Marvelo," the 2019 SEA Games said in a Facebook post.

To keep him focused in the competition, Edgar's teammates kept the sad news from him until he received his awards. They were all in tears after his victory.

The Indonesian wushu athlete dedicated his victories to his father and his country.

On his Instagram Tuesday, Edgar posted a photo of himself with his two gold medals while flaunting the Indonesian flag.

"[Two] gold medals for papa," he wrote in the caption.



2 Gold Medals, for Papa??

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Good job, Edgar! Our prayers are with you. — LA, GMA News