Solenn Heussaff opens up about breastfeeding struggles in latest vlog

Solenn Heussaff has made a vlog about her breasfeeding journey, where she shared the struggles and pains of being a padede mom.

The Kapuso actress said she loves breastfeeding but it "might be the hardest thing that any woman has experienced in her whole life."

"It's work, it's a lot of work," she added.

She shared that after giving birth to Baby Thylane, she thought she was doing a good job at breasfeeding her, but her daughter's weight dropped. She had to ask friends for some of their breast milk.


In a blog post, she wrote that despite eating the right food and had the right nutrition, she "just wasn't producing enough milk." She had to accept the fact that there are women who have it easier producing milk while there are those who don't.

Solenn added, "breastfeeding is fulfilling, but it is also so painful."

She said that her "nipples get sore, you can even get mastitis, and if it’s a tough journey for you, there’s that feeling of constant exhaustion and defeat—especially when you feel like you cannot meet the needs of your baby."

Solenn admitted when she felt she couldn't breastfeed her baby with enough milk, it was a source of self-doubt for her.


"I’m realizing motherhood is like this constant back and forth between bliss and self-doubt. And I guess I’m just sharing my experience, because I want you to know that you aren’t alone in your journey," she wrote.

"Don’t feel too guilty (it’s easier said than done, I know), because it’s a learning process for all of us," she added.

While she had low supply of breast milk at the beginning, Solenn fought it.

After a month of trying to exclusively breastfeed Baby Thylane, she decided to mix feed with the help of her friends' breast milk.

"I was crying all the time during that first month. Thylane was attached to me 24/7 and she was still hungry," she said.

From there, it was an upward climb for her and after doing everything she can, it has now become easier for her to breastfeed.

Solenn said she had to work three times harder and had already consulted with four lactation specialists.

Some of the things she said she's been personally doing include latching her baby, pumping right after, eating right, drinking malunggay pills and adding tumeric to her diet.

Solenn and husband Nico Bolzico welcomed Baby Thylane on New Year's Day.

—Jannielyn Ann Bigtas/JCB, GMA News