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Camille Prats treats Nala and Nolan to a pizza-making party at home

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If you’re a family of pizza lovers looking for a fun way to spend quality time at home, Camille Prats has got you covered!

In her latest vlog, the “Mars Pa More” host and proud wifey to VJ Yambao threw a child-friendly pizza-making party for their kids at home.


Camille laid out some ready-made dough that already came in pizza shapes — perfect for decorating.

With mommy and daddy’s help, Nala spread the sauce with a pastry brush before sprinkling the parmesan and mozzarella cheese on top.

Finally, the pizzas were carefully placed inside the oven toaster to cook for a few minutes.

Camille’s youngest Baby Nolan also makes an adorable appearance in the video, taking a bite out of Ate Nala’s delicious creation.

Like many parents, Camille and VJ have been spending more time at home with the kids due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Camille has been sharing their fun family moments together on her YouTube, Instagram and TikTok accounts. —Margaret Claire Layug/JCB, GMA News

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