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Two doctors hold their prenup shoot at the hospital

Two doctors decided to hold their prenup photoshoot at the hospital after their plans of a dream wedding was ruined by the coronavirus pandemic.

The couple, Dr. Lennon Vasquez and Dr. Jonah Nival, are both residents-in-training at the Metropolitan Medical Center in Manila.

In an interview with GMA News Online, Doc Lennon revealed that he convinced his fiancée to do their prenup shoot at the hospital after he himself contracted and recovered from COVID-19.

"There was a time of weakness and thinking of giving up, especially that time I find myself with the severe phase of the disease," said the 32-year-old doctor, who was put in charge of the COVID-19 ward.

"However, the thought of leaving Jonah is somewhat more unacceptable and it gave me courage to fight. Little by little, I regained strength and together we won the battle," he said.

Doc Lennon said a medical facility is "probably the least that people would want to be" amid the pandemic, but they wanted to encourage others that humanity can survive COVID-19.

He said the world is now "more equipped and technologically advanced" to handle the disease compared to the time when Spanish flu wreaked havoc a century ago.

"We would like to send a message that as frontliners there is still hope after all and a time to love. Sooner or later this pandemic will someday end," he said.

Aside from that, the hospital is also the place where they met and where their love flourished. Doc Jonah, 33, is an obstetrics and gynecology specialist, while Doc Lennon, 32, is an internal medicine specialist.

Kane Andrion, their photographer, said he felt at ease during the shoot after the couple assured him that the building is COVID-19 free. His hesitation also went away when "passion kicked in." 

"This shoot not only gives us a chance to do something new but also it's a way of doing our part in honoring our brave frontliners," he said.

Doc Lennon and Doc Jonah said they are planning to hold an intimate wedding ceremony with only a few friends and family to ensure that social distancing and other health protocols are followed.

Asked for their advice to other couples who may be thinking twice about tying the knot, they said that there is no need for a fancy ceremony as long as there is a priest or legal solemnizing officer and two witnesses.

"Don't let this pandemic stop you from getting married," the couple said. "Whether you are rich or poor, in our present setup and these trying times, this is where we think love is really tested. Will you still say yes?"

—MGP, GMA News