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Jake Ejercito vows to stay by Ellie’s side on daughter’s 10th birthday

Jake Ejercito took to Instagram to dedicate a sweet greeting on his daughter Ellie’s 10th birthday.

On Tuesday, the proud dad shared a photo of him carrying Ellie while being surrounded by the blue sky and palm trees. It was followed by shots of him holding her through the years.

“Carrying you through the waves of life for a decade now! And I promise to continue doing so endlessly, every single day. There will never be enough room in this world for daddy’s love for you,” he wrote.

“Happy birthday, my love,” he added.

Earlier this week, Jake gave Ellie a surprise visit in Siargao for a week-long birthday celebration.

Ellie has been flying back and forth between Siargao to Metro Manila to spend time with her parents. Her mom, Andi Eigenmann, is based on the island, while Jake lives in the city.

Andi, who has two younger children with fiance Philmar Alipayo, has mentioned that she has a co-parenting setup with Jake. – Franchesca Viernes/RC, GMA News