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Drew Arellano shares more funny photos of Alana passed out during playtime

Alana and her snoozing adventure continues on!

On Instagram Wednesday, Drew Arellano shared yet another hilarious photo of Alana sleeping at the most random time. This time, she's passed out, face front, all while still holding on to her toys.

In the photo, Alana's face can be seen squished against a pillow, her toy helmet on her head and her tool belt around her waist, a toy screw driver in her hand.

"It's not even lunchtime, Duday!" Drew wrote with the hashtag "Sandal Tulog Gang."

In another photo, Alana can be seen sleeping peacefully underneath a toy barbell.



Drew shared, ""At least you gave the workout your all, Doods. That's my girl!"

In the past, Alana had netizens cackling as Drew posted other hilarious photos of her passed out. In a post earlier this month, Drew showed Alana cozily snoozing while still seated on the toilet.

Drew and Iya, who tied the knot in 2014, welcomed their daughter, Alana, last July. The pair also have two sons together, namely Primo and Leon. — LA, GMA News