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Jennylyn Mercado teases beautiful maternity portraits by photographer BJ Pascual

Jennylyn Mercado took to Instagram to share a couple of images from her recent maternity shoot with photographer BJ Pascual, and let us tell you: They're so beautiful, they look like — would you say they looked like an art portrait?

One photo has Jen's face covered by a large red hat she had on her head. The Kapuso actress covered her nude body with a swath  of cloth, her arms gracefully holding it up to emphasize her baby bump.

Earlier, Jennylyn teased a photo that showed her wearing a burgundy dress, and as it blew in the wind, it delicately showcased the actress' fine form.



It's all breathtaking actually, with credits going to AJ Albert and Ian Vinarao for styling and Justine Arcega-Bumanlag for the gorgeous set design. 

According to Justine, Jen's portraits were influenced by European artists: French painter Jean August Ingres for his portraits  and Dutch artist Simoun Verlest's still life.

"To create a set for this vision, we prepared a 16ft wall backdrop in limewash, assorted apple boxes draped with satin fabric and florals I arranged as inspired by Verlest’s floral paintings," Justine wrote in an Instagram post.



According to BJ, Jennylyn's photos signal a new season of his vlog series "Musings," which will premiere on his YouTube channel Saturday.

You bet we'll be keeping an eye out on that. — LA, GMA News