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5 Filipino eateries make it to the Top 50 World Streetfood Masters list

After a successful five-day run at the Concert Venue of Mall of Asia Arena, in which Anthony Bourdain sung his praises for the sisig, the World Streetfood Congress wrapped up the annual event by naming the 50 Streetfood Masters from around the world.

Five Filipino eateries make it to the list, with Pampanga's Aling Lucing Sisig and General's Lechon in Makati leading the Philippine pack at top four and top seven respectively.

The World Street Congress credits Aling Lucing as the creator of sisig, and calls the dish a "chopped hog head salad with soy, lime and chili. [It] is regarded as a national dish of sorts."

Of General’s Lechon, a Makati gas station favorite, the Congress notes: “This humble food shop that sees more delivery orders than at their little shop has this Negros style lechon perfected down pat. ‘Crispy out and soft inside’ is a common call cry among their fans and we must add “juicy and oh, the garlic chili!’”

Bicol’s Zeny’s Pinangat, with its "smoky, coconuty and soft taro pork parcel," makes it to the 22nd spot of the list.

Bacolod's Sharyn’s Kansi Beef Soup, located on Narra Avenue, earns the 32nd spot with its "beefy yet refreshingly piquant  broth that goes with steamed rice."

Thanks to its "freshest wood fired tuna jowl" and its partner "better-than-yakitori-sauce," Davao’s Doods Ihaw and BBQ lands at the 46th spot.

Singapore’s Hill Street Tai Wah Bak Chor Mee tops the 50-point list, incidentally dominated by Singapore too; 14 Singapore eateries made it to the list.

The criteria the Congress used in determining the Top 50 include the “mode of operations – ingredients sourcing, food preparation, basic hygiene, adaptability, consistency, confidence and the quality and flavor of the food.” They also factored in “their ability to inspire and create jobs, reputation and opportunities for the populace, even the displaced and disadvantaged.”

The congress admits the list is hardly exhaustive “as there are over 10 million street food vendors around the world…but we’ll get smarter along the way.”

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