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This is what’s inside the box of Malagos chocolate Honeylet Avanceña will be giving to ASEAN spouses

What a sweet treat, indeed.

Award-winning Malagos chocolates await ASEAN spouses when they arrive for the big summit next week, Ian Cruz reports on State of the GMA.

According to the report, President Duterte’s partner Honeylet Avanceña will be giving away boxes of chocolates from the president’s hometown Davao to showcase our excellence in chocolate-making.

The limited edition box contains three bars of the famous Malagos chocolate in increasing levels of cocoa percentages, starting from 65 percent.

It also contains a tin can of hexagon-sized 100 percent chocolate tablet, used to make hot chocolates and cookies.

Malagos chocolate  was recognized in the 2017 Great Taste Awards, recently held in the UK. This is the 9th award Malagos has received.

Malagos is a family-owned group of businesses. It first ventured into cacao growing in 2003 and ten years later in 2013, launched Malagos Chocolate. — LA, GMA News