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Plus-sized Pinay models are 'fatbulous', 'fatshionable', and in demand 

Twins Danah and Stacy Gutierrez may be plus-sized, but their combined confidence can give garden variety fashion models a run for their money. These days, these two young models are very much in demand.
“We just wanted to show women that you can be fat but still be awesome,” said Danah in a “News to Go” video.
Likewise, fellow plus-sized model Rona Samson shows no trace of qualms about her body type. Though she doesn't fall into the skinny fashion model mold either, she once weighed 250 pounds after an accident that crushed her knee.

“I lost 100 pounds in 15 months. . .kung kaya ko, kaya mo din,” said a grinning Rona. She seemed comfortable in her own skin, even showing a little of it in her interview on “News to Go.” 
The long road to confidence
Before they became an awesome twosome, the Gutierrez sisters were besieged with problems with self-confidence and self-perception. Stacy, in particular, battled against both anorexia and bulimia some years back.
“Naging alarming na kasi,” she said. “Napansin ko na nalalagas na yung hair ko, tapos nagiging black na yung nails ko. Sobrang bumaba yung grades ko.”
At the time of her accident, Rona was living in the US and had no exercise, leading to her eating nonstop. 
“Kahit anong kain ko, big portions,” she said.
Life coach Ali Gui explained that these problems in self-image could impede social interactions with others and lead to depression. 
“It's the mind game—how you talk to yourself,” said Gui, then added, “Alam mo, napaka-ideal na maging payat, 'di ba? It's ideal kasi nakikita natin sa magazines. Ang realidad is. . .different people have different body structures.”
It isn't just about body structures; location and prevailing cultural norms have something to do with it as well.
For instance, in other cultures elsewhere in the world—among which number Mauritania, Nauru, and Tahiti—fat is what's considered sexy.
In certain periods of history, such as the Greek and Roman eras, curvy and plump were also the height of attractiveness—just take a look at the statues of their goddesses and noble women.

One famous, rather plump persona of that time was Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt who managed to ensnare Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony, the two most powerful men of her time. Renaissance era women, who were voluptuous, were considered attractive. 
Drive forward and outward
With the help of their loving family and by writing in their blog The Plump Pinay, Danah and Stacy were able to inch toward self-acceptance. Now, with their “Fat Revolution” advocacy, they are helping others toward their own journey to confidence as well.
Danah said, “When you really love something, you take care of it, 'di ba? I mean, it's a basic principle.”
“You should be able to live your life the way you want it,” quipped Stacy. “Kasi, alam mo 'yon, it's a gift.”
Rona, meanwhile, was determined to walk crutch-less. Armed with a positive attitude and sterling determination, little by little, she changed up her diet and began an exercise routine. Those 15 months she spent losing 100 pounds were far from easy, however.
Rona shared, “You're your own cheerleader—talagang, 'kaya ko 'to, kaya ko 'to' kasi some people will say 'hmm, dalawang linggo lang 'yan.' Pero talagang ikaw eh—ikaw talaga yung magmo-motivate sa sarili mo na parang, 'kaya ko 'to.'”
“They have to challenge yung maling perception nila sa sarili nila,” said Gui. “Don't always look at your size. Aside from your size, you have other skills—kayang-kaya niyo.”
Remember, what is considered sexy now may not be sexy tomorrow. The important thing is to love and take care of yourself—not just because you want to become beautiful, but also to keep yourself at the peak of health and cultivate killer confidence. Sexiness comes from within.
Or as Rona put it, “[Sexiness], beauty, and confidence—it's not a size. If you feel like you're sexy, you're sexy!” – Vida Cruz/KDM, GMA News