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FDA issues resolution clearing 51 contraceptives as non-abortifacient

The Food and Drug Administration on November 10 issued a resolution that contained the result of their reevaluation of 51 contraceptives to determine whether or not these products are abortifacients.

"Per the FDA's Resolutions dated 10 November 2017 (on the applications for recertification filed by the Market Authorization Holders [MAHs] with opposition filed by the Alliance for the Family Foundation, Philippines, Inc. [ALFI]), the foregoing contraceptive products have been determined to be NON-ABORTIFACIENT," their advisory read, signed by FDA Director General Nela Charade Puno.

Included in the list of products cleared as non-abortifacients are subdermal implants Implanon and Implanon NXT.


FDA issues resolution clearing 51 contraceptives as non-abortifacient by GMA News Online on Scribd


The process of reevaluation and recertification of the contraceptives is in compliance with the Temporary Restraining Order issued by the Supreme Court in response to the petition filed by the ALLiance for the Family Foundation Philippines Inc. (ALFI) back in 2015.

The TRO had prohibited the Department of Health (DOH) from procuring and distributing the contraceptives questioned by ALFI and instructed the FDA to suspend the issuance of license for the sale of the products pending their recertification as non-abortifacients.

The Forum for Family Planning and Development (The Forum) on Sunday welcomed the resolution filed by the FDA clearing the 51 contraceptives and saw it as a sign that the TRO will soon be lifted.

“After two long years, we would finally be able to implement our family planning program based on our RPRH Law," The Forum president Benjamin de Leon said in a statement shared with the press. "With a major barrier to our family planning program removed, we can now assure that every Filipino of reproductive age are provided with the whole range of quality family planning products and services that are effective, medically safe and non-abortifacient."

The Supreme Court has yet to issue a statement or act on the resolution filed by the FDA. — LA, GMA News