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Carla Humphries' advice for the lost and heartbroken: 'Keep doing you'

The past couple of years haven't been easy for Carla Humphries.

Because the model-actress had needed to distance herself from her career, she ran away to France, where she fell in love, got her heart broken, and found herself.

It may sound romantic now that it's all in the past, but Carla still recalls the emotional turmoil she experienced in those days.

"Medyo nawala ako for a time. Nag-soul searching ako. Sad to say there was a point in my career na medyo ramdam ko na baka hindi 'to para sakin. Hindi ko masyadong nararamdaman yung pagmamahal ng industry for me," she said.

"I fell in love. I got my heart broken. And then now I'm back," she added.

But Carla did not return with just a broken heart, but also a brighter outlook and renewed determination to fight for a spot in the film industry.

One of the first projects offered to her upon her return was the role of reporter Joanna Bonifacio in the screen adaptation of Filipino crime novel "Smaller and Smaller Circles."

Working on the film adaptation with director Raya Martin seemed timely, as they required her to chop off her hair — a typical post-break up move that she didn't really mind.

"[Sabi] 'Kailangan ito ang gawin mo, I'd be like, 'O sige, game, game, kahit ano, kahit ano,'" Carla laughed. "It's a really good role and I think I was waiting for a role like this."

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She was also proud to be playing the role of a strong, opinionated woman -- those types she said are underrepresented in film and television.

Being a part of the "Smaller and Smaller Circles" cast helped revive Carla's passion for acting, and already she is looking forward to working on more "quality projects" that may open up in the future.

Carla's advice to those who are going through what she went through? Keep doing you.

"To the women who have dreamt and had broken dreams, keep doing you. Work on yourself. Always do things that you're proud of, whether other people appreciate them or not, because you'll always look back with no regrets," she said. — LA, GMA News