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Armless boy continues to help with household chores, does carpentry, and even goes swimming!

Meet Niño Dayon , an eight-year-old boy from Barangay Locotan in Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental. He was born without arms and legs, but he feeds and bathes himself, and even helps out with household chores.

According to doctors, Niño is afflicted with Phocomelia, a congenital disorder where appendages are either missing or underdeveloped. “The limb is, therefore, extremely shortened and in severe cases, the hand or foot may be attached directly to the trunk,” writes

The website said that the birth disorder “can be inherited as a part of a genetic syndrome [or] can also be caused by maternal exposure to certain drugs (thalidomide) during pregnancy.”


Super Nino!
Super Nino!

But it doesn’t seem to matter with Nino. He goes to school, where he amazes his teachers with his innate intelligence. In fact, having no appendages hasn't stopped Nino from becoming an honor student. He writes with his left leg and his favorite subject is Math.

When he wants to relax, Nino loves to bike and swim. He enjoys playing with toy cars, but since his family doesn’t really have the budget to buy him one, Nino made his own.

Yes, the boy dabbles in carpentry and shares his father’s interest in it. Nino said he wants to be an engineer someday, which is why he keeps praying for his arms to grow. 

If you want to help Nino, you may deposit to:

ACCOUNT NAME: Gilmark Zyronne Bacaron Dayon / Michelle U. Dayon
ACCOUNT NUMBER: ‎107651002466
BRANCH: Producers Bank Kabankalan City

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