Do onion and guava leaves solve hair fall? Not totally a myth, doctor says

In a recent Pinoy MD episode, Dr. Jean Marquez debunked the myth that onion juice and guava leaves can solve hair fall.

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"There is no direct study that says nakakapag-control ito ng hair fall," the dermatologist begins, "pero hindi din natin pwedeng isa walang-bahala ang importansya nitong onion at nitong guava."

According to Dr. Jean, there might be no direct study linking the two vegetables to hair fall but both have properties that are good on and for the hair.


Onions are very rich in calcium, magnesium and iron that have a good effect on our health and the health of our hair.

Guava, on the other hand, is rich in B complex vitamins and vitamin C which help our skin, immune system and the strength of our hair.

But Marquez highly recommends that patients do not solely depend on these products to control hair fall because there is no scientific proof that says they do. 

Perhaps eat more food items with onion and guava but check with a hair doctor as well. — Kaela Malig/LA, GMA News