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Solenn Heussaff on becoming a mom: You’ll never be who you were

When Solenn Heussaff became a mother to Thylane, her priorities and outlook in life changed.

In her earlier years, the Kapuso actress was guilty of chasing after the ideal body. She recalled how she felt the pressure to transform her image, but this changed when she became a mom.

While the self-consciousness didn't disappear, she needed to focus on her child's health too. So, Solenn actively changed her lifestyle to adjust to Thylane but soon realized that she had forgotten herself in the process.

"It's important also to focus on the things you want and the things you need. Because for me to be a good mother, I need to be able to be happy," Solenn said in a feature story on Belo Medical Group's website.

Solenn slowly worked on herself not to "bounce back" to her old body but to forge a new sense of self.

As a woman in her late thirties, Solenn observed that some things were more challenging than they used to be. While she exercised and maintained a healthy diet, she still dealt with mama pouch, loose skin, and a few stretch marks.

"One thing I learned after becoming a mom: You'll never be who you were. Because you're not. Actually, you're a better person, because you see what your body's capable of doing," she shared on Instagram.

Solenn advised her fellow moms to remember that things would get better with time, perseverance, and help.

"There's no shame in asking for professional help, especially when new phases in life mean new challenges. [However], the journey for reshaping and restoring yourself [should not be taken] alone–it really takes a village," Solenn said. – Hermes Joy Tunac/RC, GMA News