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Google just launched ‘Be Internet Awesome’ to help raise responsible netizens

With fake news and scams proliferating the internet, Google took it upon themselves to raise a responsible generation of netizens.

Enter "Be Internet Awesome." It’s an initiative that aims to teach kids the fundamentals of “digital citizenship by involving their parents and teachers as well as a truckload of fun.

Basically, it aims to help children figure out what’s real from fake news, for instance; how to spot out a scam, the basics of privacy and security, and so on.

Check out “The Internet Code of Awesome”

  • Be Internet Smart encourages thoughtful sharing. It tells them when to share what and with whom.
  • Be Internet Alert aims to teach children to think critically. It tells them how not to fall for fake—fake news, fake friends, included!
  • Be internet Strong is where personal privacy and security are highlighted.
  • Be internet kind tells them they can always take the high road, that bullying is definitely uncool, and that the golden rule is golden for a reason.
  • Be Internet Brave is where kids are reminded of the fact that they have parents and teachers. When something bugs them, it’s safe to talk to these adults!

Apart from the program, ‘Be Internet Awesome’ also has an online game — but of course!

"Interland” has four challenging virtual worlds that teach kids key lessons of digital safety. Tower of Secrets is where they learn how to protect themselves from hackers. Kind Kingdom highlights why it’s cool to be kind while using the internet. Reality River aims to make kids aware about fake things they will find online. Mindful Mountain teaches them how to be mindful when sharing things.

With the internet slowly becoming such a toxic place, it really is about time something like "Be Internet Awesome" is launched. Let's raise responsible netizens, shall we? Check it out! — LA, GMA News

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